Stewart Clarke - Online Counselling
Stewart Clarke, BSW Dip.Psych (ANZAP) M.App.Sci (Innovation and Service Management), MAASW (Acc.), Consultant - Social Worker & Psychotherapist

Online Counselling/Therapy can be a good option for some people. It has obviously been a vital link for people engaged in Counselling and Therapy during the COVID era – however I have used it as a medium for working with some individuals and couples for some years prior to this.

Online Platforms

I work with some people solely online and others using a mix of both online and face to face meetings. The platforms that I use to work with people online include:

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Facetime
  • Audio-telephone


Some of the advantages of engaging in Online Counselling/Therapy include:

  • Saving on commute time
  • Maintaining continuity in Counselling/Therapy when health, work or geographic distance make in person attendance either not possible or challenging
  • Being able to reveal more about you from your choice of environment

I have found that sometimes when working online with clients – that it can be helpful to move between screen time and using audio only – which breaks the intensity that sometime can be associated with screen time.

Practical considerations

Sometimes the subtleties that occur in an in- person Counselling relationship can be harder to work with in Online counselling. It may be a little more difficult to:

  • Sit with silences
  • Notice each other’s body language
  • Take a moment to pause and look elsewhere
  • Ensure non interruption in the space where you are talking from

Whilst these may be challenges – some forward planning and consideration of these can help make the process smoother.