Stewart Clarke
Stewart Clarke, BSW Dip.Psych (ANZAP) M.App.Sci (Innovation and Service Management), MAASW (Acc.), Consultant - Social Worker & Psychotherapist

I offer experienced Relationship Counselling for couples and for individuals who are experiencing challenges within their partner relationships.

Building Stronger relationships

Relationship counselling can be an important investment and a forum to achieve some of the following:

  • Improve Communication and provide communication strategies to draw on moving forward.
  • Help each partner to learn more about their “blind spots” (we all have them) and use this learning to improve understandings of both self and other.
  • Reduce unhelpful conflict and better manage areas of disagreement or points of difference.
  • Enhance intimacy
  • Address concerns related to sex or disparities in sexual desire
  • Better manage different expectations about together time and separate time
  • Manage major life events impacting one or both partners in a relationship eg. Health crisis, significant loss, work enforced separations

Separating Better

Not all relationships are meant to be for-ever and relationship counselling can also help people to consider:

  • How to best separate
  • How to work through some of the emotional and practical challenges associated with this.


Key theoretical ideas that I use in Relationship Counselling

I have worked with couples for many years in both my practice in the Healthcare system and in my years in Private Practice. I participate in ongoing training and professional development in the Relationship Counselling/Therapy field.
Key theoretical ideas that I draw on in my Relationship Counselling practice include:

  • Bader and Pearson’s Couples Developmental Model
  • The Gottman’s theories on relationships
  • The Tavistock Institutes Psychodynamic and Attachment Models